• Application

    The MICROtron is a compact, four relay microprocessor-based controller with many standard features. MICROtron models are available to control conductivity and three selectable feed timers, or four independently programmable feed timers.

    The MICROtron platform provides an economical option for conductivity control of a cooling tower or other recirculating water system. Selectable feed timer options include: pulse, 28-day, recycle and post bleed, with bleed.

  • Step Through Menu
  • Prewired Configuration
  • Compact Design
  • Full Keypad Access
  • LCD Display
  • Step Through Menu
  • Relay Test Keys
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Conductivity and One Feed Timer on C, C4 Models
  • Four Feed Timers only on F4 Model
  • 4 relay outputs with "force on" mode
  • 1 water meter input with accumulator and totalizer

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