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    MyTechReportsâ„¢ is an advanced online reporting application designed for water treatment companies and their representatives. The flexibility of the application provides a unique look and feel for each company all while providing a simple well documented and explained user interface.

Why we are different?
  • MyTechReportsâ„¢ provides the flexibility for unique form, report templates, data and user management in a user friendly interface with loads of helpful videos. Your data is securely stored and backed up by people not in the water treatment chemical business.
  • Advantage Controls is the industry leader in user friendly water treatment equipment, web communications and support. Now we can help make your daily service reporting chores faster and easier with MyTechReportsâ„¢.
  • Output all data tables, charts, graphs and pictures to numerous file types that best suit your needs.
  • It only takes a few hours to have all your customers into MyTechReportsâ„¢ and be ready to make high quality reports vs. days to manually input all your customer data with our competition.
  • Patent Pending and copyrighted process that applies the 80/20 rule to setup – once you make a change to anything in the system it can be saved and used again easily on any customer within a matter of clicks.
  • Input notes, pictures, graphs, and charts directly into your report without be forced to comment on every single cell using our Notes-on-the-Fly user interface.
  • Fine grained security rights and administrative privileges for making sure jobs are getting done.
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  • 128 Bit Encryption Security
  • Back-up Assured History Storage
  • No Proprietary Software to Load
  • Log in From Any Computer with Internet Access
  • No Downloads to Perform
  • SSL Protected
  • Product Data Sheet - PDF
  • One Step Connection
  • Email Alarm Notifications
  • Change Settings
  • Create Custom Reports

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