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MyTechReports (MTR) is a cloud based reporting Software as a Service (SaaS) designed by water treatment professionals for water treatment professionals. Water treaters and their customers are able to save lab results, controller data, provide graphing, and store documents such as inspection videos, training material, and SDS/PDS sheets, etc. all from one location. MTR was designed and built in our Muskogee, Oklahoma plant and is maintained by in house engineers. Each account is given their own unique URL and database.

Advantage Controls provides unlimited training for company admins and scheduled training for service technicians and end users. System admins are shown how MTR can be leveraged to enhance your company's sales and water treatment program. MTR is commonly used to keep customers informed of their account operations, collect mission critical data, and provide beneficial access for plant operators, lab technicians, and management personnel.

If you've ever lost your computer, phone, laptop, or tablet you understand that your whole world lives on that device. With MTR, you can access your data and information from virtually any web capable device. All the data is backed up daily with an uptime of 99%.

Administrators will have control over how end users access the system. Enable read only mode or allow plant operators to enter their own data and checks. If you manage a large multi-facility account you can assign multiple users to the same account and system units.

Administrators are able to view a report summary page from the dashboard, showing the severity of out of spec results with the most extreme always at the top.

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Everyone appreciates a well built, informative, and intuitive graph. Data visualization is what MyTechReports is all about! Choose your data stream, date range, and chart type to generate beautiful multi-system charts and graphs. You can embed graphs directly into your report with a click of a button, or import graphs from our advanced graphing functions to use in a report later. The graphing wizard steps you through each phase of the graph setup, finalizing in a fully generated and zoom capable graph. You may also export graphs to PDF, PNG, JPEG, or Vector file formats.

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Customer Management:

Based upon user permission settings a user can copy any customer or unit and export to a new customer or into any existing customer as a unit. This process saves time, taking only minutes to complete.

You may also set each users permission layer to allow for none, view, edit, or manage. Allowing users the ability to manage their own account or only have the ability to create and email generated reports.

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Mobile Platform:

MyTechReports is on iOS and Android! Not only can you use MyTechReports on cellular data, but you may also download our MTR iOS and Android application. The application only requires internet connectivity when downloading reporting templates and uploading results.

Typically, basements and wifi/cellular dead zones would require you to write your readings onto paper or record locally on a device, then transpose. MyTechReports mobile application allows you to complete the reports, save, and upload at the end of the day.

App Store Android and Google Play

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Here are examples of what reports will look like. Users may email submitted reports to customers, office personnel, or themselves. We do not offer an automated emailing service feature based upon a result. If a user wants to email a report he or she may do so but MyTechReports does not force a user to email a report if the user or report is not ready.

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Turnkey Setup:

We realize that learning a new data management product can be intimidating and even to some, downright scary. In order to get your company online and running we can quote you a setup fee beyond your first 25 Customer Units. Using the MTR Support Teams' experience we can setup your accounts usually within 4-5 business days. This turnkey service includes the setup of tests, standardized templates, customer list, unit list, and report template setup. The service is cost effective and will allow your team to focus on creating high quality and detailed service reports without the burn-out effect of data entry. If you'd like to know more, please complete the 'Demo Request' form.

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